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Sexy Sears Models circa 1974..foxy!

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I love old department store catalogs! I mainly collect ones from the 40's and 50's, and dream that I send in the order form in the back and everything I order is not only available BUT at the prices shown in the catalog. *sigh

The books from the 70's, while always valuable as a reference, are usually bought for entertainment purposes! I grew up in the 70's so I not only remember the gag-worthy wardrobes of the era, I wore it! The men's "fashions" in particular are truly cringe-worthy so, for your viewing pleasure, I have selected a few images I find particularly frightening sexy for you to drool over.

Nothing is sexier than a man in a polyester jumpsuit...

The guy with the 'stache makes me wanna watch bad porn..

"Okay guys, act completely natural."


We love SLACKS...

Skin tight double-knit polyester really shows off a man's physique...

Is this guy a model or an employee??

More slacks..and in a yummy plaid!

These go great with tube socks and cut off jean shorts...


Amy said...

omg those are all hideous. Growing up in the 70's I remember those fashions well, my dad had shoes like the ones in the last photo.

forrestina vintage said...

Love these and will have to show my hubby--he'll be laughing for sure! That guy on pg 481 wearing the blue sweater vest has the David Soul haircut, haha! You've been following my blog and now I'm following yours, thanks. Your playlist is vintage fun for sure--going to listen to it for awhile while I work at the computer. :)

George Vreeland said...

I loved the clothes of the 1970's.
This brings back memories.
Most of the fashions from those days look better and are more chic than the styles of today.
Thank you.

George Vreeland Hill

Lisa said...

Just think about how crazy these men, who are working-for-money professional models, who are probably pretty good looking people in general, look in these clothes, and then imagine some below average or even unattractive person in them. It's like... wow. I get a kick seeing them anyway, great post!

Maria said...

Nice post

Maria said...

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